Company Overview

MS Plus Lube Pvt. Ltd.

MS Plus Lube Pvt. Ltd. MS Plus Lube Pvt. Ltd. is synonymous with innovation and quality we manufacture MS Plus Lube Pvt.Ltd. brand India all MS Plus lube Pvt. Ltd. products are manufactured By well quality and experienced technocarts. Our plant is well equipped and uses the Latest world class technology keeping place with the needs or the next generation Engine technology.

At MS Plus Lube Pvt. Ltd. we believe in balance : balance between top- line growth And bottom-line cost management : between large and small market opportunities : And finally between the development and commercialization of MS Plus lube Pvt. Ltd. Own carefully selected products. Always use MS Plus Lube Pvt. Ltd. to Experience the magic of purity.

Director - Mr. Vijay Pal

Mob.+91 8218942976,8006016003
Mr. AKASH (Assistant Manager)


All sales are made in accordance with company’s standard terms and condition of sale which company may charge from time to time, and which are incorporated herein by reference.
Distributor agrees to diligently market company products. Total annual sales of company products divided by the number of dealer’s authorized location shall be not less than 1,50,000 PM wholesale prices. Annual sales will be measured on a calendar year basis. The partial year in which this agreement in signed will be prorated commencing with the effective date of this agreement.
  • Its Distributor responsibility to observe for local market and inform company for any new market.
  • Its distributor responsibility to place their order before shortage of stocks, to avoid interruption in supply
  • If any delay occurs in shipping of Articles Via any public transport, company is not liable for that.
  • Any damaged or leakage in After transportation is not company liability.
  • Once order placed by Distributor to the company will not be changed in any condition.
  • Its Distributor duty to maintain and guide their sub Distributor and suggest them for holding market.
  • Distributor has to maintain their rates for all sub dealers. Company employee will Assist and suggest regularly.
  • Distributor is responsible for their individual sales in this city area.
  • Sub Distributor sales assistance responsibility is on company employee.
  • Distributor have to maintain their records on monthly basis and show at month end.
I hereby declared that as a Distributor I will follow all guidelines of the company. And as a Distributor I accept all terms and condition whatever I read in this agreement letter. I do agree with all company guidelines and terms & condition. As a part of company I am liable to enhance company reputation with my effort.